The Five-Days-Cell-Therapy in Detail

5 Days Cell Therapy

Cell therapy – Lyophilisates (whole cell)

Duration of treatment: 5 days


The treatment expenses for a cell therapy are mainly dependent on the severity of the disease/illness. For example, diabetes, liver or kidney disorders are treated with up to 6 injections made from different organ preparations; in case of purely anti-aging or revitalisation-related treatments, we might consider using fewer injections, hence the total costs would then differ. Your therapy plan is always issued individually and in complete agreement with yourself.

1 – 2 weeks prior to the treatment, you will kindly supply us with the completed anamnesis questionnaire as well as your current medical reports.

Arrival and check-in

  • Anamnesis with the therapist

  • Blood sampling for the metabolism screening

  • Preliminary treatments for the cell therapy by means of infusions

  • Free time from the afternoon onwards


  • Detoxification of the organism with infusions

  • Free time from the afternoon onwards

Pre-Treatment and Cell-Injections

  • Detoxification of the organism with infusions

  • Evaluation of the metabolism screening

  • Selection of the injectable organ preparations in close co-ordination with the patient

  • Cell injections

  • Massage of the injection site and close observation of the patient

  • Day-long stay in our facility, respectively bedrest with constant patient monitoring, lunch and dinner

Post-Treatment and Monitoring

  • After-treatment with infusions for a better inclusion of the cell preparations within the organism, possibly massages and/or cosmetic treatments (these services are billed separately).

  • Thereafter free time.

Finalising-Treatment and Departure

  • After-treatment with infusions

  • Concluding discussion with the patient and recommendations for the further possible oral administration of cell preparations.

Accomodation in our institute with complimentary breakfast. On the day of the cell injections, additionally with lunch and dinner.