Immune-regulative Molecular Therapy

Cell Therapy

„Cell-therapy – balanced, integral. For a strong impetus and a new quality of life!”

cell-therapy5cWithin the cell-therapy at HUMANIO institute, you will receive an individually arranged composition of xenogeneic cell preparations via injections. The molecular compositions derive from juvenile donor animals, which are prepared in co-operation with our partner laboratory under stringent sterile conditions to treat your individual ailment.

The cell preparations will not directly be implanted into your organism, but will stimulate and activate your organs to regenerate and revitalise themselves. The diffusion within the connective tissue as well as the oxygen- and efficiency-levels of each cell are the fundamentals for a physical regeneration. If these factors are not considered sufficiently, the self-healing capacities are not used to their fullest.

cell-therapy3A comprehensive diagnosis and a lot of experience are required for the optimal composition of your cell preparations. In our case we supply and guarantee this required knowledge through a very close alliance with the “Naturopathy practice Stephanie Dreyer” which is situated in the same building. More than 30 years of experience in the segment of cell-therapy as well as a focus on rather complex cases ensure that you are in the very best hands possible.

A typical therapy cycle will therefore commence with a comprehensive analysis followed by a detoxification therapy with injections. The cell injections will follow on the third day, and are therapeutically monitored during bed rest. Generally the treatment will be completed after five days. You will be given therapeutic recommendations for the continuation of your therapy by your medical practitioner and, if necessary, drink ampoules and capsules to continue the treatment.