Our Mission

Our Mission

“A refuge for the self-healing process of your body.”

mission2Regeneration and activation of the self-healing process of your body will be the focus of your therapy at HUMANIO. Therefore we created a place, where on one hand rest and relaxation and on the other hand modern scientific methods and top-level conditions of hygiene ideally will go hand in hand.

mission5Enclosed into the House of Integrated Medicine with naturopathic methods, analysis laboratory and production of our internationally sought-after cell preparations, the antique and stately institute for applied therapies will provide for a very private and aesthetic refuge, fulfilling the highest requirements. You can enjoy your stay for therapy as a pleasant vacation in close proximity of Castle Klopp, high above the river Rhine and the old town centre of Bingen.

You will find inner contemplation or inspiring conversations in the secluded promenade garden with fountains, pavilions with cosy lounges – as it might suit your temperament!