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Whether premature aging, loss of vitality and immune deficiency, memory decline, chronic illnesses such as rheumatism and diabetes, infancy developmental disorder or degenerative cell disease, such as cancer – more often than not adverse health effects and illnesses are not caused by a single source. Frequently, the whole apparatus is out of balance – to treat singular symptoms with medicine may relieve pain momentarily, the cause however will remain.

More and more practitioners of academic medicine search for alternative wholesome methods, too, finding these in the modern cell-therapy by Prof. Dr. Niehans, which significantly has been developed further through latest scientific methods by Prof. Dr. Landsberger at the University Clinic Heidelberg, in close co-operation with Stephanie Dreyer. We provide cell-therapy for you in our world-wide unique HUMANIO Institution in Bingen, embedded in a wholesome, naturopathic therapy and in close cooperation with medical practitioners from around the world.

Follow us on the way to a new vitality and zest for life!

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The best experience ever. I would recommended it to everyone who has a responsibility for the own well-being.

Esther Livingstone